Hunter delivers 75th boat to SailTime

US sailboat manufacturer Hunter Marine has announced that it has delivered its 75th boat to SailTime, a 'fractional sailing' company based in Austin, Texas.

Hunter, which is part of the Luhrs Marine Group, has been supplying boats to SailTime ever since the company first launched in 2001. The Hunter 33 was the original SailTime boat model, but demand has led to the purchase of bigger cruisers including 36 and 41DS models. The 75th boat for SailTime was a Hunter 33 ordered for the Detroit base.  

"Hunter sailboats have been a big part of our success at attracting members at a healthy rate, and will continue to be an integral part of our business strategy going forward," said George Bonelli, SailTime co-founder and VP of operations. "We liked Hunter's ease of maintenance, amenities, cockpit layout and safety with the traveller arch. The ease of sailing was also very important since our particular type of sailor is not the experienced, hardcore sailor, but more the cruiser or beginner." 

The 'fractional sailing' concept involves a boat with up to eight members, whereby each member is entitled to a minimum amount of boating time each month. There are no insurance fees or maintenance costs, and clients are able to sail a brand new boat several times a year for a fraction of the purchase price. SailTime has 34 sailing bases around the world, and more than 70 yachts in the US, Canada and Europe. 

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