Digital Yacht - New "tracback" GPS sensor

TracBack is a new ultra-mini GPS sensor from Digital Yacht, which measures just 70 x 45 x 20 mm. It incorporates a long-life lithium ion battery pack so that the system can be self-powered.

GPS data is sent through either a standard USB connection directly to a laptop or via Bluetooth for a wireless-type link. 

TracBack´s unique feature is the ability to log your trip and record position and track information in its internal memory. When hooked up to a PC, your track is automatically downloaded onto a Google Earth Map with a snail´s trail of the track history. It also comes complete with a useful software application which allows any digital photos you have taken along your route to be referenced and overlaid onto the map by comparing date and time stamp information. This does, of course, rely on you having the same date and time set in your digital camera, but the application is a really nice way of recording where you have been, and building up an electronic log book. 

The internal battery lasts for approximately 15 hours and can be recharged using either the supplied mains charger or USB connection. The mind boggles at potential applications, such as tracking vehicles, yacht racing or even sharing your track history with other friends and colleagues. What is even more surprising is the price, at just EUR140 including tax. 

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