Signal mate - New Tri-Color / Anchor Light Illuminates Wind Indicators

Tri-Color Navigation Light Eliminates Need to Sail with Anchor Light On.

Sailors frequently use their anchor light to illuminate their masthead wind indicators while underway at night. This incorrect and dangerous practice can be confusing to other vessels because the 360° white light produced by an anchor light is only meant to be displayed while at anchor, not underway. To solve this problem, Signal Mate has developed a Tri-Color / Anchor Navigation Light with built-in wind indicator illumination. 

The new Tri-Color / Anchor Navigation Light uses a clear window on top to allow some of the white stern light to shine upward. The extra beam of light then illuminates the wind vane’s reflective patches whenever the light is on. It uses 6 high-brightness LEDs (3 tri-color & 3 anchor) that exceed light intensity requirements for safety and are certified to ABYC A-16 & COLREGS, and can be quickly installed using existing 3-conductor cable. 

The compact Tri-Color / Anchor Navigation Light has a watertight aluminum housing and tough polycarbonate outer lens. It uses the latest LED technology, maintaining full brightness with input voltages between 10V DC, and 30V DC, while only consuming 0.300 amps. Warrantied for 5 years, it uses solid-state electronics and long-life LEDs that have a 50,000-hour life expectancy. A mounting bracket is also included. Retail price is $379.00 (U.S.). 

Since January 2007, Signal Mate has specialized in the manufacture of sound and light navigation signals. From its patented “Signal Mate Controller” that automates sound and light navigation signals, to its full line of sound and certified LED light products, Signal Mate’s mission is to enhance boater safety by providing proper navigation signal products. 

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