Ronstan - Dinghy Sailing Gear, new Wetwear Line Simply Fits and Functions Better

Wetsuits are a necessary evil to most dinghy sailors because they are heavy, uncomfortable and restrict movement. Ronstan's new Dinghy Wetwear line addresses these issues by carefully engineering fit and function into every piece.

The result is an incredibly comfortable range of high performance wetsuit products perfect for the active sailor. 

Completely redesigned from scratch; Ronstan´s new Dinghy Wetwear range uses varied materials and thicknesses throughout. This creates a body-contoured shape that flexes, protects and insulates exactly where needed and reduces the overall weight of the suit while still providing superior thermal control. Materials have been carefully selected depending on the demand. A modern laminated neoprene creates the foundation to most pieces and is used in combination with abrasion resistant Supratex and flexible superstretch Neospan panels. A wind proof mesh and quick drying lining have also been added to several pieces for maximum comfort. The foundation material of the new CL25 Pants is an advanced superlight neoprene that is 20% lighter, yet just as warm. 

Another benefit is the ability to adjust the level of protection depending on conditions. By layering different top pieces, the range can be used in every weather condition from frostbite to sunny summer days, and everything in between. Layering options include a sun protective bamboo fabric rash vest, a hydrophobic fleece-lined thermal top and a cold condition neoprene top. The full range also includes a full length Skiffsuit, pants, shorts, shoes and wet/dry gear bag. Sizes range from XS to XXL and several items offer junior sizing. 

The new Dinghy Wetwear gear will be available through dealers worldwide as of January 2010. Ronstan International is one of the world´s leading manufacturers of hardware and accessories for sailing. Based in Melbourne, Australia, it has distribution offices in the USA and Denmark. 

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