Cluracer goes international with new yachting portal

ClubRacer Network becomes worldwide internet guide for sailors

The Belgian ClubRacer-platform goes international with its new yachting portal, called ClubRacer Network. A month after its launching in March, the database already includes 497 yachting websites from all over the world. Visitors can choose from sixteen main categories on the homepage, varying from water sports centres and nautical companies to regatta´s, teams and syndicates. At the moment, there are 158 sub-categories in total. ClubRacer Network is meant to become an important, worldwide internet guide for sailors. All necessary information will be available through this virtual location. External sources feed the portal automatically with sailing news, which will change by the topics of the time and the suggestions of users. 

According to initiator Eddy Lekens from Belgium, everybody can add his or her url: "We will include everything from weblog to the biggest yachting industries, but we verify all applications on relevance. That is how we try to watch the quality, so that visitors will only find yachting related sources." The current database was built up by Eddy Lekens himself, by the owners and webmasters of nautical sites and through ClubRacer.be and Google. Lekens: "Of course there are more internet guides, but mostly with a wider range of subjects. ClubRacer Network (http://network.clubracer.be) focus completely on yachting. The smaller the niche, the better you can service your target audience." As an additional advantage for smaller or new websites, Lekens mentions the `internet ranking´ that Google gives to Clubracer Network. Lekens: "As so called authority sites, like the one from Team Ericsson in the Volvo Ocean Race, link to ClubRacer Network, Google measures a higher importance on the worldwide web. We pass this ranking on to those who link to us. That is how they will benefit from better searching results in Google." 

About Clubracer.be
In March 2002, Eddy Lekens started with ClubRacer.be, a Dutch-speaking news platform for the Benelux. The content exists of sailors´ stories from the cockpit and of news about races in the Benelux or anywhere in the world. ClubRacer works with voluntary editors. The online forum of ClubRacer turned out to be a popular application, that inspired Lekens for the expansion of his services. 

Site : http://network.clubracer.be
Site : http://www.clubracer.be 

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