All carbon Optimists

In a vote sure to spark global controversy, the International Optimist Dinghy Association voted today at their annual meeting to allow radical changes to that most venerable of junior sailing classes : the Optimist.

Carbon fibre is now allowed as a recognised material... and through a loophole in the rule change, may be used for ANY part of the boat including the hull. 

"The rule change was supposed to just cover the boom and mast, this is an unintended consequence of vague wording, but the council has no intention of changing it. We are rather excited, frankly, about the prospect of a 40 pound all-up boat." said Optimist secretary Robert Wilkes. "Thanks to Viagra and other 'E.D.' medications, the average age of fathers with Optimist age children has increased by nearly a decade since the 80s. Boats are heavy. Backs are weak. Hauling an Opti hull off a roof rack loses its charm after the 50th time you've done it. I can't wait to see the first all-carbon hull, I'll bet I can lift it onto my Volvo wagon with one hand." 

Said Opti parent Beaurigard McTavish: "Let's be perfectly honest here, all this happy talk about sailing being for everyone is balderdash. It's for the children of the gentry. So what if an all carbon Optimist costs £8000? The higher cost will keep some of the rabble out of our nice, Corinthian sport." 

Site : http://www.opti-world.org 

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