International Moth Exibition

Sailing Club Torbole - Torbole Sul Garda (Trento) - Italy - Demonstration Moth at the Sailing Club Torbole.

Sunday 11, monday 12 and 13 tuesdays March 2007 the champion of the Moth world 2005 Rohan Veal will be to the Sailing Club Torbole for a stage of presentation of the Moth, the drift "Formula one" of the water. 

Torbole sul Garda, 8 thursdays March 2007 - The sailing season of the Sailing Club Torbole officially begins 31 next March with the first appointment, the "9Th Torbole Europe classified Meeting" to the classes Europe and Zoom 8, but from Sunday to next tuesday the Sailing Club of the president Emilio Munari will offer to gets passionate, technical and journalists the possibility to admire and to try, statically and in water, the International Moth. 

For three days, in fact, the champion of the world of the class Moth Rohan Veal, a boat of 30 kilograms of weight for a sail surface of eight meters squared, constructed with techniques many advances using material like composed and carbon, will be near the center of the Torbole Sailing Club on hand of technicians of the field, skipper and journalists of the specialistic press and with some boats for test in water. 

The Sailing Club Torbole will accommodate, from the 23 to the 30 next june, the championship of the world of class and this announces a big occasion in order to admire and to discover in "preview" one true and own boat from "Formula one" of the drifts. 

The introduction of the Hydrofoil on the International Moth, in fact, has carried a true and own revolution in the class, carrying to a drift that with hardly six-seven meters of wind "takes off" on the water accelerating in impressive way. In Australia, Country where the revolution of the Hydrofoil has already caught up standard is left over to you and more and more skipper they are "converting" to this type of drifts equipped like the Moth, day without that you record one new "discovery" that adds curiosity to the already enormous interest demonstrated in the old continent for this new way to make sail. 

Here, therefore, than the Sailing Club Torbole it will be funny to make from "testimonial" to this drift organizing the world-wide one june, but also to introduce it in preview thanks to the partnership with Rohan Veal, in the atmosphere known like "King of the foiling Moth". We wait for you! 

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