RS - Introducing the RS Venture – coming soon to the RS Sailing line up

RS Sailing will soon launch the RS Venture dinghy within its All Purpose Boats (APB) range. The design concept is to deliver a large multi-role dinghy suitable for cruising, training or even club racing, in response to ...

... growing demand from training centres, private customers and international RS dealers. 

With a capacity for up to 6 people (or 500kg max), the RS Venture offers a stable vessel that can sit on a mooring as well as having the option of storing and deploying an outboard engine, yet is responsive enough to give rewarding performance under sail, like every RS. 

Manufactured in GRP and 16 feet in length, the RS Venture is easily handled and offers excellent stability through the impressive beam of the boat and moderate freeboard. This also gives a great looking boat on the water. Furthermore, performance can be spiced up by fitting either asymmetric or symmetrical spinnaker equipment for sailors who want to take their sport to the next performance level or simply to increase the fun factor! 

Designer Phil Morrison has achieved a huge, class leading, cockpit area in the RS Venture by pushing width both at the gunwale and waterline and the mast is well forward giving maximum cockpit length. The optional thwart is also moveable to give more flexible space and the Gnav kicker creates plenty of room for the crew. 

The large cockpit also offers ample storage space: an outboard engine can be stored in a rear locker; under side tank stowage bags can be clipped into place so all kit can be stored tidily without it rolling around the bottom of the cockpit, whether it is snorkelling equipment or a picnic in the special cool bag compartment! A boarding ladder can be fitted to the RS Venture, making it the perfect swim platform when the ideal spot is discovered. 

A really robust construction using very thick woven GRP skins and 3mm coremat, under a double layered gelcoat means that the RS Venture will stand up to intense use. The rubber gunwale mouldings, a sacrificial aluminium keel band that runs the length of the keel and strong bilge rails all make the boat beach friendly and ensure resilience to the bumps and knocks met in a teaching environment, minimising the time and cost of maintenance. 

There will be an internal ballast option that makes the boat feel even more secure and stable. 30kgs of lead can be simply added onto tracks located through hatches each side of the centreboard casing, resulting in an extra 60kg of internal ballast. This also makes the RS Venture very close to self-righting in the event of a capsize. 

With great handling and good light wind speed, no matter whether the whole family wants to go cruising and exploring, Mum wants to teach the kids or Dad wants to join in the club race, the RS Venture meets everyone’s needs. And when you want a rest, deploy the outboard and cruise home or off to the beach for a picnic. 

The RS Venture is currently in the final stages of development and testing will continue throughout the summer before the official launch at Southampton Boat Show 2011. 

Designer: Phil Morrison
Length: 4.9 m (16.0 ft)
Beam: 2.02 m (6.6 ft)
Mainsail: 11.2 m² (120.5 sqft) reefs to 8.5 m² (91.5 sqft)
Jib: 4.2 m² (45.2 sqft)
Spinnaker (optional): 13.0m² (140 sqft) 

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