CST Composites 2009 - Moth World Championships, CST Launches Nano SparsTM At The Gorge

The Gorge is already experiencing some high quality and exciting Moth racing with less than two months to go to the CST Composites 2009 Moth World Championships.

Over two days of stellar conditions, Kevin Hall bested a fleet of 12 to win the Oregon State Championship. Kevin won the regatta with consistent tactical sailing, good boat handling, and good all-around speed. The final result was closely contested; Dalton Bergan, sailing a new Mach 2 Moth, was second with a string of four firsts in the final four races. Charlie McKee was four points further back with the other four first place finishes, followed by Morgan Larson, Adam Lowry, and Andy Mack. (Of these top 6, former 49er crews were 1, 3, 5 - a clear victory over the former 49er helms at 2, 4, 6). 

Held at the precise venue of the upcoming CST Composites Moth Worlds, the regatta was a chance to refine the race courses and logistical details, as well as a chance to explore viable wind speeds for competition. The racing was highly tactical with moderately puffy, shifty conditions and lots of opportunities for passing by tacking and jibing in good spots. With 13 races in two days and winds ranging from 8-24 knots, everyone was reminded that Cascade Locks is one of the premier sailing venues in North America, if not the world. Flat water promoted high speeds, while 90-degree temperatures and spectacular scenery rounded out the overall experience. 

Next up are the US Nationals on Aug 6-7, followed immediately by the CST Composites Worlds on August 10-15. The venue should bring unparalleled conditions in terms of wind, water and scenery, and the sailors will bring the rest, leaving nothing on the beach. 

Alongside some fierce racing, the worlds will see the launch of the new CST Nano SparsTM series. 

The CST Nano SparsTM masts come in two model variants, `Pro´ and `Extreme´ which will complement CST´s existing high modulus `Club´ range. CST have been developing and testing this technology with the help of some of the best Moth sailors to ensure product reliability and performance. 

`CST Nano SparsTM are made from materials which to our knowledge are the highest performance carbon based products ever offered in the dinghy or yacht racing arena. Higher than America´s Cup or Volvo 70! This material is true satellite technology and CST brings it to the Moths as a world first´ said CST´s Managing Director Clive Watts. 

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