African cats - African Cats introduces Sailing Catalite rib!

Following to the development of the Catalite rib, African Cats decided to produce a Sailing RIB version of the CATALITE RIB. The Sailing Catalite RIB is available in 3.10 m, 3.60 m en 4.20 m length.

The greatest advantage of the Sailing Catalite RIB is its light weight
3.10 m version 54 kilo 119 Lbs.
3.60 m version 59 kilo 130 Lbs.
4.20 m version 64 kilo 140 Lbs.
All including the complete sailing kit. 

The Catalite RIB itself has a V-shape in front and a catamaran hull shape at the rear of the bottom which results in a very stable RIB. 

Lightweight Hypalon with an excellent UV-resistance is used for the tubes.
For the bottom and transom, carbon, Kevlar, Divinycell foam and infused epoxy resin make a very strong, lightweight and stable structure.
Carbon is used for the complete rig including split mast, boom, rudder, dagger board and dagger board casing.
Further the RIB may be used without the sailing kit and an outboard can be used varying on the size of RIB, for the 3.1 it is 10 Hp for the 3.60 and 4.20 m version it is 15 Hp. 

The sailing Catalite rib RIB will be delivered with
o Split carbon mast and boom
o Kick up rudder and dagger board
o Dagger board casing
o Sail and control lines
o Inflatable seat
o Extendable Oars and outboard extension
o Handles
o Hand pump and repair set
o Optional a canvas cover can be ordered. 

The sailing Catalite rib has been tested last months and she offers excellent sailing and motoring capabilities with her extreme light weight compared to other Rib´s. According to our knowledge it is the lightest sailboat (rib) in the world... 

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