ScanNav - New version of ScanNav 15.2

A new version of ScanNav 15.2 has just be released, it brings a lot of improvements not only for use on Windows tablets, but also on PC.

Here is a list of the latest novelties issued since the beginning of the year. 

ScanNav Version 15.2: 

  • Support of Internal GPS present on Windows 8.1 tablets.
  • Usability enhancements for better accessibility on Windows tablets and touch screens in general
  • Improvements in the management of tooblars. 
  • Access to new Noaa WW3 Gribs service (Wave model) with a grid step of 0.5°
  • Improvements in the charts display, with increased fluidity.
  • A few bug corrections

ScanNav Version 15.1: 

Features released in version 15.1 include: 

  • Interface of the VHF DSC messages (available through the AIS module)
  • Access to the Noaa GFS Grib files at the resolution of 1/4° (worldwide coverage)
  • Access to the Noaa RTOFS currents Grib files (ocean currents)
  • Improvements on the download service for Currents Grib files issued from MyOcean data
  • Improvements on the ENC display, especially regarding features related to Inland ENCs (distance marks, ramps, ...)
  • Several User Interface improvements
    • New icons for toolbars, with higher definition.
    • Adaptation of the text and icons sizes according to the screen resolution.
    • Possibility to tune tool buttons and icons to custom sizes. 
    • Possibility to tune font types and sizes 
    • Distance and Bearings display now uses the adaptive fonts as for other displays
  • New SHOMAR Edition: SNTides now includes the latest Shomar engine for tides heights calculations (edition 2015/2016 valid up to 31/1/2017)
  • A few bug corrections

SnMap Charts

  • Update of all existing packs with new Edition April 2015
  • Extension of the  Lesser Antilles pack which now covers from Grenada to Puerto Rico inclusive.
  • Each pack is sold 99€ and contains all the existing charts of the region
  • Chart updates(*) are free up to one year, and can be purchased half price (49.5€) after.
  • Compatible software are: ScanNav on Windows, ScanNav Compagnon for Android, and the latest version of Adrena.

(*) Some packs include new charts, you therefore might need to re-activate your license on line. 

And don't forget the compatibility of ScanNav with our other charts offers, for which we are distributors: 

  • Official ENCs which coverage is growing regularly,
  • Navionics charts.

eboutique : www.nautic-way.com 

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