Ewol - E3 (E-Cubed) propeller

E3 (E-Cubed) by Ewol is a state-of-the-art feathering propeller made of hi-strength stainless steel, its heart is made up of gears that allow the blade to move in ...

... feathering position during sailing and ta take automatically the thrust position when under power, therefore optimizing boat performances.

The propeller is the result of most advanced international technologies and has entirely been developed and designed by means of CAD technologies and 3D solid modeling software. 

Blades orientation is fully automated and a micrometric pitch-setting device allows to setup from outside the most appropriate blade angle. 

E3 features innovative technical solutions in its shell, these are combined with the use of materials and treatments so far only applied in advanced technology fields. Such innovations guarantee an absolutely superior resistance to mechanical shocks and galvanic corrosion, by no means comparable to the performances of common feathering, folding or solid blade propellers. 

Moreover special treatments of the internal parts guarantee an improved smoothness avoiding any wear-out of gears. 

E3 brilliantly solves the problem of lack of maneuverability of the boat in reverse, thanks to the adoption et asymmetric pitches. 

The poor maneuverability is a problem that other types of propeller (solid blades, foldable, etc...) always experience expecially in harsh environments such as strong wind, limited mooring spaces, heavy seas, etc.. 

E3 is available either for shaft drive and Sail-Drive transmissions and is designed to be easily installed, removed and regulated even underwater, the Sail-Drive version is equipped with an anti-shock incorporated device called FlexDrive. 

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