CJR - Introducing the revolutionary new compact TrialDAS

CJR launches its latest innovation with the TrialDAS (Trial Data Acquisition System).

Gathering accurate and detailed trial information is key to establishing the performance of the vessel and the propulsion system. In order to obtain required performance data during sea trials, a portable data acquisition system is required, one which allows data to be 2011 collected even in rough sea conditions, when reading on-board instruments proved to be difficult task. To solve the problem, CJR has taken a novel approach. Instead of using an existing system with limited functionality, CJR has adapted the same technology used to gather flight data from unmanned air vehicles (UAVs). The control of UAVs requires real-time accurate information about the aircraft attitude and GPS position and is, in many ways, similar to the information required during sea trials. 

Over the past six months, CJR has been working in collaboration with a major autopilot system manufacturer to develop the TrialDAS– a data acquisition system specifically tailored to gathering useful and accurate statistics during sea trials. The new TrialDAS features a comprehensive onboard sensor suite (3-axis accelerometers, 3-axis gyroscopes, 3-axis magnetometers) and uses complex algorithms to combine the collated information to provide accurate trim, roll and heading information. It has a GPS receiver with an active antenna to provide ship position, ground speed and heading, and data is collected 10 times per second. The acquisition system also allows on-board vibration levels to be measured at a frequency of 1kHz, with data acquired 50 times a second. The system is expandable, and adaptable, with plans for a shaft RPM sensor, rudder angle and shaft torque sensors well underway. 

“The TrialDAS is another example of CJR doing more to add value for our business partners and global customer base. We are committed to ongoing R&D and this is a great example of what is possible when you collaborate with specialists in other industries,” commented Mark Russell, CJR’s managing director. 

The TrialDAS includes a real time monitoring program, and automated reporting so that reports can be generated at the touch of a button and before the yacht is even moored up back in the harbour. Trials relating to specific RPM ranges or particular conditions are also possible with the TrialDAS’ easy to use start-stop functionality, meaning multiple reports can be generated from a single trial. 

The TrialDAS will be available to view at the METS marine exhibition in Amsterdam in November. 

Site : http://www.cjrprop.com 

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