Naviwatt and EWOL present the propulsion system of the future

As it happens with car transportation even boating is heading more and more towards solutions with low environmental impact.


Electric propulsion is in fact a concept extremely appropriate for sailing, which is also prone to non-polluting and respect for nature. 

Electric propulsion offers more high efficiency, no noise, no smell or fuel leakage, low maintenance costs, and other benefits. 

It’s in this direction that the 2 companies Naviwatt and EWOL have worked and presented, during the NAUTIC 2013, a 100% electric propulsion solution that also integrates a powerful hydro-generator. 

EWOL propellers in fact, having the characteristic of an asymmetric step between forward and reverse, allows you to set an inclination of optimal charging, without sacrificing the ability to adjust the step forward during motor propulsion. 


The feathering propellers EWOL have a very high efficiency both in reverse and in charge mode, which does not happen in the case of fixed or folding propellers. 

The micrometric pitch setting of an EWOL propeller allows achieving with precision the best propulsion efficiency, resulting in decreased power consumption. 

Naviwatt system allows running motor for about 6 hours at cruising speed, with the high efficiency of EWOL propellers there are minimum charging timing, or the possibility, once the batteries are already charged, to travel to sail with the least possible resistance to advancement, by setting the prop in feathering position. 

All operations are easily managed via the throttle and an additional button for the recharge. 

And you can travel under engine power…while the kids are sleeping ! 

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