Tracy - Unique folding stairs provide easy boarding

A safe and enjoyable boating excursion begins at the dock. With their polished design, Tracy International's boarding stairs allow owners a comfortable and secure way to make a grand entrance.

Strong and durable, they add class to any yacht. With their exclusive "no-pinch" design and patented "quick-release" mounting brackets, Tracy stairs are safer and easier to use than any other on the market. 

Able to withstand harsh marine conditions, these stairs are constructed with anodized aluminum and stainless steel. While the yacht remains free to move with the current and tide, four stainless steel casters allow the stairs to make smooth contact with the dock. Their unique folding design makes them easy to store on deck with an optional stowage kit or in an optional storage bag. 

Tracy International's boarding stairs are available with four to nine steps. Each stair is 52.7cm wide and fitted with non-skid tread. A quick-release handrail can be used on either the left or right side while an optional second handrail provides additional safety. 

For larger yachts or limited dock areas, Tracy's new swivel platform easily attaches to the stairs in minutes without any tools. It rotates 180˚ off the side of a boat to provide even easier boarding. 

Installation is quick and convenient. The stairs simply attach to the two permanently mounted, self-locking, stainless steel catch pads included with every unit. Mounting hardware is also interchangeable with Tracy boarding ladders. 

Tracy's state-of-the-art boarding stairs can effortlessly replace outdated Marquipt stairs. Without any modifications or holes to drill, Tracy adapter mounting plates screw in to the existing Marquipt pattern. Their exclusive no-pinch design and patented quick-release system make set-up and removal a breeze. 

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