SNSM - First Safety at Sea Symposium, Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009, Cite des Sciences et de l´Industrie, La Villette Paris

Everyone involved with maritime safety is invited to come and exchange views on improving safety at sea.

o For the first time in France, the Safety at Sea Symposium will bring together a host of public and private contributors to maritime safety for one special day of meetings and debates. 

o La Villette will open its conference centre and its docks to all those who participate : maritime safety specialists, as well as trade professionals, sailors, amateurs, enthusiasts, researchers, nautical industrialists, tourism professionals, marina administrators, doctors, lawyers, etc... 

o The day´s program will consist of meetings, roundtable discussions, an exhibition of maritime safety material and equipment, rescue demos, and much more. 

o The symposium´s objectives :
o Inform people of all that contributes to their safety at sea
o Evaluate risk and the efficiency of risk-reduction methods
o Determine fields of research and actions to improve maritime safety, as well as designate areas for further improvement, all of which will, in turn, be studied throughout the year by participants 

o The results and conclusions from this year´s gathering will be presented at next year´s Safety at Sea Symposium. The SNSM´s Safety at Sea Symposium is to become a yearly event. 

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