The Kitewing has its early origins in ice-windsurfing.

Inspired by James Drake's symmetrical wing Sailboard patented in the early 1980 `s, Sami Tuurna decided to develop the first wing-like prototype in 1987, called Skimbat, since he was getting tired with the difficult handling of the surf sled. Being an experienced windsurfer, Sami realized that James Drake's symmetrical wing concept was more oriented for skiing or skating rather than windsurfing. This is because with skis or skates, the rider acts as the 'mast'. This radical difference makes the wing natural to use, maneuverable and easy to learn. 

Further development by a dinghy sailor and hang-glider pilot Carl-Magnus Fogelholm, this resulted in a wing concept very similar to a wing that is now the SKIMBAT 4,8 Kitewing. 

In 1990´s, wings were used as a wintersport mainly on the ice in Scandinavia. When extreme sports started to become popular, some young snowboarders and extreme-skiers experimented that with some modifications, the wing was perfectly suited for making incredible jumps and tricks. Furthermore, equiped with the new gear, it was now not only possible to ride on practically any flat surface just with wind power, but fun and exciting. 

For instance, a group of windsurfers found out that jumps on ice of up to 30 m long were possible with the standard 4,8 m² Kitewing. The incredible performance of the wing was demonstrated when jumps up to 290 meters about 2-3 meters over the ground were done in Norway. Recently, riders have started to call the gear a "kitewing". 

Everyday, more and more action sports riders from around the world are starting to use Kitewings with just about any gear and on any flat surface. In-line skates on country roads, Dirtsurf, mountarnboard or x-boards on flatland or beaches. Skis or snowboards both on land as well as on ice or packed snow. Practically any gear anywhere and anytime. 

Kitewing is a world-wide patented product and the trademark Kitewing is owned by Skywings Ltd. The SKIMBAT 4.8 wing is manufactured by the famous sailmanufacturer Neil Pryde. 

Vidéo : http://www.skywings.fi/movie_media/WEB_KWingWorls.wmv 

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