SF Marina - Advanced floating concrete docks provide design possibilities

Owners of river, lake or oceanfront property can now have a beautiful dock, even in demanding locations. Winter climates and shallow, stormy and rocky beaches are no match for innovative, floating SF Concrete Docks from SF Marina.

Transforming even unsheltered water into a safe and calm berth, heavy-duty SF Concrete Docks help attune aggressive waves. With a service life of 30-50 years, the virtually unsinkable docks are constructed from reinforced concrete with a styrofoam core for strength, stability and buoyancy. Attractive wood or composite decking can also be installed over the concrete surface. 

Engineered to withstand ice stress and hurricanes, SF Concrete Docks are a perfect solution for docks that will be left in the water year round. Requiring very little maintenance, they can be equipped with fingers, lighting, electricity and water. The structures are secured with chains and concrete anchors or connected to piles. Options include ladders, cleats, various types of fenders and benches. 

SF Marina can custom build its versatile SF Concrete Docks to fit any site or customer requirements. There's even a hot tub design. 

Site : www.sfmarina.se 

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