Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design - Launches and innovations for Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design at Cannes Yachting Festival

Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design will introduce a number of new models including the Wauquiez PS 58 and the Sense 57 at the Yachting Festival of Cannes, the first show of the Autumn.

The latest Fontaine Pajot model - the New 47, is the first catamaran of this size to be equipped with a hydraulic platform on the transom. Allures Yachting’s first design, the Allures 45.9 with a retractable keel will also be on show as will be the Océanis 62 Yacht, Beneteau’s first in the new “sea lifestyle” range. 

Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design's expertise, creativity and ability to deliver is revealed throughout the 2016 new designs. The company is able to calculate the fine balance in technical innovation, performance and boat seaworthiness, whilst achieving perfect harmony of the living spaces through design, lifestyle and comfort. 

Walk the pontoons to see these latest designs at the Yachting Festival de Cannes from 6 - 11 September. 

Wauquiez PS 58 - always more comfortable 

Gilles Martin-Raget 

Wauquiez boat builders renewed the Pilot Saloon range in 2015 with the PS 48. This continues this year with the introduction of the PS 58 which will be on show for the first time at the Yachting Festival de Cannes. The PS 58 incorporates the best of its little brother and focuses on increased comfort. A raised cockpit with panoramic views from the comfort of the saloon and an owner’s cabin with office space and private head.
On the design front, the interiors are both light and luxurious. The materials are those one identifies with the brand; teak and leather for the furniture, wenge hardwood for the floor. “We have stayed true to the style that we developped for the Wauquiez Centurion 57" says Isabelle Racoupeau. "The design is simple and elegant; we worked horizontal lines for furniture that we highlighted with indirect lighting to embellish the sketch design.”
The Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design team worked on the entire project: architecture, exterior and interior design. The aim was to offer real comfort on board coupled with providing ease for short handed boat handling. 

Sense 57 - performance and sea view terrace 


The Sense 57 is luxurious, innovative and comfortable for offshore sailing. The big novelty on the cruising monohull is the “terrace kitchen”… the rear cockpit on the Sense 57 is in fact set out like a true terrace equipped for entertaining and cooking. The innovative concept is aimed at heightening enjoyment at sea and living space on board and will be on show at the Yachting Festival de Cannes.
Seaworthy and powerful, the boat has a generous sail plan with clean deck layout and an overall stylish design. 

New 47 - lifestyle and comfort 

Giorgio Vecchio 

Resolutely dynamic, the Lucia 40 already set the tone last year; the New 47 takes it a step further. Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design worked on the project throughout: the architecture, the exterior and  the interior design to meet Fountaine Pajot’s objectives and to offer more comfort at sea for a resolutely modern and playful approach whilst maintaining a sturdy seaworthy cruiser.
This is a novelty that will likely be emulated: New 47 is the first catamaran of this size to be equipped with a hydraulic rear platform fully integrated into the lines of the boat for maximum enjoyment of the sea and true onboard comfort.
In terms of performance and looks, the New 47 boat carries well its name with new bow shapes and design lines.
The interiors are light and spacious providing quality comfort. 

Allures 45.9 - a keelboat for Allures Yachting 


This is a revolution for Allures Yachting boats who has produced it first keel boat. The 45.9, which replaces the Allures 45, is available in two versions: with a fixed or lifting keel.
This first construction for the boat builder, traditionally specialised in offshore centreboard cruising boats, has been designed by Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design. The elegance of the aluminium hull shell is conceived for long sailing passages and depending on the voyage you have the option of the centreboard or lifting keel. 

Oceanis 62 Yacht - the art of living the sea 

The Oceanis 62 Yacht is the first in the new range by Bénéteau boat builders and focuses on looking at the true art of shared living at sea.
Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design has brought its expertise and know-how by focusing attention on performance, safety and manoeuvrability making these the cornerstones for the design. A unique mix that brings new meaning to "sea lifestyle”. With a chine hull and twin rudders for improved performance and stability, together with elegant furnishings and a stern deck and hydraulic annexe locker to further enhance the living experience at sea. 

The 110 ' Ruying Yacht - the elegant giant 


The big challenge of this first collaboration between the La Rochelle office and the Chinese boat builder for a yacht of this size was to succeeded in integrating a large and comfortable owner area with an elegant double deck and streamlined aesthetic features.
There are a choice of several styles available for the interiors; classic or modern, and always with the offer of fine materials and an extremely meticulous finish. 

The latest designs by Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design at the Yachting Festival de Cannes 

  • Production
    • Wauquiez PS 58 new at Yachting Festival de Cannes
    • Sense 57 new at Yachting Festival de Cannes
    • Fountaine Pajot New 47 the first catamaran of its size with a stern platform
    • Allure 45.9, the first Allures Yachting keelboat
    • Oceanis 62 Yacht, the first in the Bénéteau lifestyle range
  • Custom
    • Ruying 110, a first Chinese build for Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design

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