C-Yacht - New C-Yacht line further developed by clients, in cooperation with Dykstra Naval Architects

In occasion of this year's HISWA in-water boat show, C-Yacht will present the drafts for its new Concept line which was developed by clients. During the past year C-Yacht had conducted extensive market surveys through which clients' wishes and preferences were assessed.


An impressive number of 1200 sailors from different countries and cruising areas had participated in that web based survey, providing valuable feedback and input. Based on the survey results, both existing and potential future clients were then significantly involved in the elaboration of the drafts. This happened through specific feedback and development sessions. And therefore you can trust that the ships were developed by sailors, for sailors. The outcomes of each session were integrated in the drawings of the new ships which were produced by renowned Dykstra Naval Architects. What you see here is a unique approach within the yacht building industry. 


The line thus far consists of the 41 ac and the 47 ac. The cockpit on both ships is located astern. These are modern cruisers with excellent sailing capacities, solidly finished, featuring elegance and luxury. Innovative, client-specific design is another core principle applied here: C-Yachts are completely built on our own shipyard in The Netherlands. This also allows us to build our ships client-specific. Within one concept we can realise your own individual wishes and preferences. And this is what makes a C-Yacht truly unique. 


The ships have a spacious cockpit located astern. It features a double helm and the sails can be managed from the cockpit, too. Regarding the interior design an abundance of choice is offered: 16 different variants can be realised. Clients can, for instance, choose between a 2-cabin or 3-cabin version with spacious beds which may or may not include a ship owner's cabin at the bow of the ship. Furthermore, several lounge designs are possible. Same goes for the shower unit. 


“The results of this survey among our clients gave us valuable insights into their wishes and preferences," says Jan Muller, owner of the shipyard Zaadnoordijk Yachtbuilders at Frisian Heerenveen where the C-Yachts are built since decades. "The subsequent feedback and development sessions were included in the further development of our ships. Together with our clients we will now elaborate further details and individual preferences." 

The shipyard's choice for Dykstra Naval Architects is quickly explained. The Dykstra team designed, among other ships, some very fast ships pertaining to the famous J-Class and Bestevaer ships. The clipper 'Stad Amsterdam' was designed on the Dykstra drawing board as well. 

During the HISWA in-water boat show you'll have the opportunity to learn all about the new Concept line. We will also show the C-Yacht 1250i and the C-Yacht 1150 at this event. 

Stand F05. 

Site : www.C-Yacht.com 

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