Allures Yachting - Boat launch for the Allures 52

The Allures Yachting team announce that the latest model from our range, the Allures 52 has been launched for the first time this morning.

DR / Allures Yachting 

This centreboard yacht with its aluminium hull, designed in collaboration with the cabinet Berret-Racoupeau Yacht design upholds the finest aspects of the Allures range and responds to all the relevant requirements for ocean navigation. 


  • Maximum safety on impact which limits any damage to the boat thanks to its aluminium hull.
  • Layout of the deck and the sail plan designed for short-handed sailing.
  • Shallow draft, easy mooring capacity.
  • Ease of manoeuvrability, even at a low speeds and with a raised centreboard.
  • Ability to sail close to the wind at speed comparable to keel yachts of the same size.
  • The pleasure of a helm that ‘talks to you’.

Life on board

  • DR / Allures Yachting 

    Marine amenities accompanying a contemporary design and a strict compliance with ergonomic dimensions.
  • Ease of accessibility on board, with numerous living spaces
  • Incorporation of different comfort components (heating, air-conditioning, freezer, washing machine, etc)
  • Large storage capacity
  • Maintenance facilities

It took no less than 2500 hours of work for our internal design team to develop the Allures 52. The development of this boat has been entirely completed with CAO 3D technology, using the same methods as with the creation of automobiles and aerospace machinery. 

The entirety of the boat (hull, deck, fittings, rigging, furnishings, systems, etc.) have been constructed based on a 3D model format. This technology equates a high level of precision and anticipates all eventualities which allows a level of unequalled quality to be reached right from the first unit from the series. 

The construction of the Allures 52 has been carried out by the dedication of our respective teams whose expertise and collaborations have attributed to the reputation that the shipyard has today. 

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