CNB - The new CNB 76: the heir!

At the official presentation of the CNB 76 in Paris on 7 December, Dieter Gust, CEO of CNB, talked about the second generation of 76’ yachts developed at the shipyard.

While the new boat is made of composite, not aluminium, and its hull shape and overall design are truly worthy of the 21st century, the two yachts designed by Philippe Briand are the absolute embodiment of CNB’s raison d’être since 1987: “a CNB must be bewitching, reassuring and exalting: a “real” yacht, designed to go far, whose only limits are the ones dictated by general, practical seamanship”. 

Philippe Briand, Naval architect for the two CNB 76’ yachts 


“The CNB 76 is a fast, reliable and reassuring boat…” 

“The hull has a large freeboard for greater comfort, the aft chine is designed to increase initial stability… a cruising yacht must be stiff.” 

“There is a guest area in the cockpit, and all manoeuvring is aft with two helm stations and most of the winches.” 

“With regard to the naval architecture, we have focused on three main criteria: stability – this is important, and related to the second criterion, comfort, with a generously-proportioned freeboard and volume above the waterline. 

The third criterion, obviously, is speed: the boat has maximum waterline length with a vertical bow and an aft chine.” 

“The roof is glazed all around, giving a panoramic view… and the sleek lines are characteristic: the yacht’s hallmark.” 

“The CNB 76 has been designed to accommodate a permanent crew on board, if needed.” 

Olivier Lafourcade, in charge of the project at CNB 

“Elegant, luxurious, seaworthy…” 

“It’s a yacht built for sailing, at home or afar, with no limits, positioned between the Bordeaux 60 and our custom yachts.” 

“We don’t start a project by thinking: “we’re going to make a 76’ or an 81’ or a 72’.” 

Instead, we say: “we’re going to make a boat with a certain number of cabins ideal for a certain type of sailing and respecting the budget.” “In building a yacht, it’s the attention to detail which renders the whole visually appealing and coherent.” 

Jean-Marc Piaton, interior designer for the CNB 76 


“Comfort, space, light…and at the same time strength.” 

“The aft area for the crew is remarkably spacious.” 

“CNB is a classic make of boats, in the sense of typical French Classicism, in other words, balanced and harmonious…” 

“I love it when sofas look comfortable… when they just invite you to sit on them.” 

Launch and final 


January 2013: work has started on moulding the hull of the first CNB 76. For everyone involved in her design, development and construction, when the first hull touches the water, (not long now!) emotions will be running high! 

This will mark the start of a new round of tests and adjustments by CNB’s technicians, designers and the many suppliers such as sail makers and engine manufacturers, mast and rigging makers, together with chandlers, etc. 

Everything that can be checked on the quayside will be tested, before sea trials for the sails, propulsion and various on board systems. We are all looking forward to the busy weeks ahead as we work to deliver the first CNB 76, as perfect as possible. One thing’s for sure: there’ll be plenty of volunteers for her first sea outing! 

Some figures 

Length overall : 23,17 m
L.W.L. : 21,98 m
Beam : 6,10 m
Draft : 3,00 m
Air draft (without antennas) : 33,97 m
Ballast : 15,00 T
Fresh water capacity : 1 500 litres
Fuel capacity : 2 500 litres
I : 30,00 m
J : 9,06 m
P : 29,00 m
E : 9,60 m
VOLVO D4 180HP @ 2,800 rpm
Mainsail : approx 160 sqm²
Furling genoa : approx 144 sqm²
Staysail : approx 79 sqm²
Asymmetrical spinnaker : approx 440 sqm² 

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