Jeanneau - Discover at the Grand Pavois of la Rochelle : the Sun Fast 3600, the newest addiction "signé Jeanneau"

This new boat will be present at the Grand Pavois of la Rochelle in september 2013, but already Voiles News tells you the basics.

Designe for success ! 


Designed by Daniel Andrieu, the Sun Fast 3600 benefits from the latest advances in vacuum-bagged resin infusion to ensure exceptional strength and rigidity while drastically reducing weight. 

The lightweight, powerful hull with its hard chine, twin rudders and lead keel contributes to this new Sun Fast’s speed, balance and stability on all tacks. Perfectly adapted to solo, doublehanded, and crewed regattas, the Sun Fast 3600 is designed to compete in both inshore and offshore races. 

Available with twin, composite tillers or wheel steering and choices in mainsheet management, the deck layout ensures easy handling through well thought-out ergonomics and optimised sailing functions. 

The first Sun Fast 3600 will be presented during the Grand Pavois at la Rochelle. 

With a reduced, very consistent build weight from one boat to another, these two models have received high praise from top authorities in offshore sailing and racing (ISO, RSO, etc…). 

Regarding the deck and interior design, the Sun Fast 3600 are built around three concepts: ergonomic design for ease of handling at sea, weight savings, and ease of maintenance. 

The deck is made of a lighter balsa sandwich construction, dressed in a minimalist, nonstructural counter mould, contributing to a lower centre of gravity. 

For sailors of all experience levels, the Sun Fast line will prove invigorating and resolutely fun, with the disconcerting ability to effortlessly make the speedometer spin… 

A toy for all ages! Easy, fun and sporty to the extreme, they can be addictive. 

For crews numbering from 1 to 8… 

Caractéristiques techniques : 

Longueur hors tout : 11,25 m / 36’ 10’’
Longueur coque : 10,80 m / 35’ 5’’
Longueur flottaison : 9,50 m / 31’ 2’’
Largeur hors tout : 3,55 m / 11’ 7’’
Déplacement lège GTE : 4.700 kg / 10.362 Lbs
Tirant d’eau lest standard : 2,13 m / 6’ 11’’
Cabines : 2
Couchages : 6
Puissance moteur : 21 Hp / 15 Kw
Capacité carburant : 75 L / 20 US Gal
Capacité eau : 100 L / 26 US Gal
Surface voilure (Standard) : 69,8 m² / 751 Sq ft
Catégorie CE (en cours) : A6
Architectes : Andrieu Yacht Design 

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