Parasailor - Innovative Spinnakers Increase Performance & Safety

German manufacturer, ISTEC, has brought true innovation to downwind sails. Their unique spinnaker design, the Parasailor, incorporates an integrated wing section that lifts the sail to ...

... reduce the bow plowing effect of conventional spinnakers and helps stabilize the sail during wind variations. 

The Parasailor is a symmetrical downwind sail with a winged mid-section panel that is automatically deployed when the sail is set. As the sail fills, the wing immediately forms a semi-rigid I-beam that lifts and steadies the sail by holding it up and open. Because the wing acts like a pole, the sail becomes a "self-tending spinnaker." This means you can set the sheet and as the wind naturally oscillates, the wing holds the sail more open and steady than conventional spinnakers. It can also be sailed with or without a traditional spinnaker pole. 

The winged opening also acts like a pressure relief valve during strong gusts. Excess wind vents through the sail, greatly reducing the chance of accidental broaching. Unlike traditional spinnakers, which can get tangled when hoisted, the Parasailor almost immediately assumes the correct shape when launched because the wing helps lift and spread the middle of the sail. 

The Parasailor is perfect for relaxed and controlled long-distance or short-handed cruising and can be used from an 80° to 180° wind angle, and from 4 to 25 knots of wind. It´s been used successfully in Europe for more than 5 years and was recently hoisted by many ARC participants for their transatlantic crossing. Well-known "World Cruising Guide" author, Jimmy Cornell, also recommends the Parasailor for long-distance cruising. 

The Parasailor fits almost any boat and the "I" dimension is all that is needed to ensure proper fit. Each sail also includes an Easysnuffer spinnaker sock to help control the launch and contain the sail when not in use. There are nine standard color designs or any custom order color combination can be manufactured. 

ISTEC is a Germany-based innovator of downwind sailing technologies. The Parasailor is ISTEC's flagship product, and represents the first-ever downwind sails to integrate a wing into the sail. American Journalists are invited to the test facility in St Petersburg, FL for a trial of the sail upon request. 

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