Bonifacio: vertiginous `nautical arena`.

We often forget that Bonifacio is a true & natural "Coliseum" with a breathtaking view towards Sardinia, due to its 50m cliffs stretching over 4 kilom

In this immense nautical arena, international autumn regattas take place over several week-ends during September and October. High on these cliffs, with the soft light (excellent for photos) and under a caressing sun, you can witness this great pageant of multicolored sails. 

Even better: Bonifacio also offers you its unique marina, true and only fjord in the Mediterranean. Here you can also attend the preparation of the crews and as it often happens during the lateen sail regattas, who knows, you may find a last minute embarkation to sail with the passionate. 

In the last rays of the sun, Corsica is of extreme beauty and particularly Bonifacio. And for this reason, the competitors as well as the spectators happily participate to cast off and unforgettably enjoy the last sunny week-ends of the year. 

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