Seafaring archimandrites

Fifty years young, with three children and three Yorkshire terriers, Jean-Paul and Nathalie enjoy life, as the name of their Prestige 46 implies. "`L´Archimandrite´ is a Greek monk, who lives well and loves to entertain.

This is our vision of life at sea: the pleasure of navigation, the joy of being together as a family or with friends. I take as much pleasure in navigating as I do in manning the helm, but I have a unique perspective on taking to sea. The powerboat shortens the length of time spent passage making and allows us to cover greater distances, to visit more sites. We often cross the Bouches de Bonifacio to have lunch in Sardinia before returning to join friends for dinner in Corsica. 

"I discovered boating about 30 years ago, on a Jeanneau Skanes 4.70. Since that time, I traded boats every 3 to 4 years, until I reached forty-one feet. We returned to Jeanneau when the Prestige 46 was launched. We like this boat because it has great seafaring qualities, while it is also very liveable and pleasant on board. 

"Nathalie, my wife, is the perfect first mate, just as she is the perfect homemaker. My oldest son and I handle the navigation, while the younger ones help with steering. We share the same love for boating. 

"At sea, the family is a crew. I am the captain, but I like to share around the joys of cruising. To make the crossing to Corsica, we leave in the wee hours of morning. It takes three hours at thirty knots when the sea is calm. I prefer to limit it to twenty knots, about five or six hours, arriving when the aromas of the brush begin to perfume the air. 

"Based in Port Grimaud, we navigate more toward the east, to Italy or Corsica; the Italians are elegant, warm and welcoming, and Corsica is magnificent. 

"L´Archimandrite, our Prestige, is very well equipped. The only option that I turned down is the bowthruster. A mariner should make do with his twin engines. This bowthruster is a new fad -- 10 years ago, everyone got along fine without one. Manoeuvring the boat is not a problem, as long as it is done with care, controlled speed, and above all, anticipation. I chose the icemaker over the bowthruster, but that´s my archimandrite side! At sea, the autopilot is excellent and the radar is a nice safety measure. 

"This summer, we will leave for the Baléares. We will take off from the Iles du Levant, and the first leg will be about 200 nautical miles, and then I will have to watch the diesel fuel consumption.I am not worried, but just to be on the safe side, I will take precautions. After that, we will have another 150 nautical miles to Majorca, and a short hop to Ibiza. This is a new adventure that awaits us, and we have even succeeded in convincing a friend to follow us in his boat. We have some enjoyable moments on the horizon, thanks to the collaborative support of our Jeanneau and the entire family!» 

Texte : Jean Paul et Natahalie
Source : Chantier Jeanneau 

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