Hyde Sails expands overseas

Hyde Sails, one of the largest sail makers in Britain, has announced that it is to begin setting up an international distributor network, beginning first in Holland and Sweden.

The company, which currently produces more than 15,000 sails per year, has chosen the two countries due to their strong boatbuilding reputations and high levels of boat ownership. The current Hyde Sails portfolio ranges from dinghies to yachts, but the target export market will be cruising and racing boats from 6.1m-24.4m (20ft-80ft). 

"Our UK business structure is a model for future distributors who will concentrate on sales but also have facilities for repairs," says company sales director Richard Franks. "There are many similarities in our business environments and there is great potential to develop good working partnerships internationally." 

Headquartered in Swanwick, England, Hyde Sails produces a wide range of sails for One Design keelboats such as Squibs, Swallows and Sunbeams to custom made racing yachts. The company employs 13 staff in the UK and more than 150 in the Philippines. The Asian loft is situated on Mac tan Island, close to Cuba City on Cuba Island. 

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